“We believe in enhanced communication
where you can connect confidently and manage
your privacy at the same time! ”

Privatis Technology Corporation provides communication tools that protect users of online classified ad sites and marketplaces from harassment by telemarketers and fraudsters while facilitating seamless communications by phone, SMS and email. Privatis has developed proprietary blocking algorithms and utilizes Rapid Autodialer Detector™ (RAD) technology to detect and block robocalls and spam from telemarketers and fraudsters. Privatis was started in 2010 by founder and CEO Steven J. McAuley, a veteran auto industry executive who led a team of technologists to build proprietary products to allow sellers and buyers to connect confidently. The company has offices in Vancouver, Los Angeles and India.



Steven J. McAuley
Joseph Cohen
Noah Oiknine
product manager
Ketevan Natsvlichvili
operations manager

Our Privacy Shield

Utilize your Privacy Shield number to keep your contact information private while connecting with others. Calls are routed to your personal number and can be managed within your Privacy Shield account.

The enhanced Privacy email platform allows you to manage your emails while keeping your email address anonymous. You can access your privacy emails from your normal inbox or from within your Privacy Shield account and you can block unwanted emails with a simple click of a button.

Send and receive text messages using your Privacy Shield number. Review conversations and block unwanted messages from within your Privacy Shield account.

The blocked list feature gives you full control over who can and cannot contact you by phone, SMS and email.

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